Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Earth is a beautiful place, I think am fortunate to be born and live on the earth. I was checking out a south Indian movie, I do not understand the language nor speak it. I think foreign movies are fascinating, because the variety of the people. These south Indian movies are full of drama, I think these people are not so appreciating how the world turns. These movies paint a vivid picture about the poverty.

The social matters in the Indian cast system is still a major issue. Sometime I think even racism originates from India. The fairer your skin to a higher cast you belong. There are still people in India, who can not get a proper job, although they are qualified and have diplomas because of their background or cast. I think the Bollywood doesn't shows these kind of poverty like the south Indian films. These movies only show how northern Indians of upper class are living large. Although I am happy to see, that there are Indians doing so great, but the movies of south India does not show this much wealth as the northern ones in the movies. The south Indians remind me of the ghetto people of united states of America. Although they live in the largest economic country of the earth and they have plenty of chances to reach wealth, this process seems to be slowed down by racism, drugs, violence and plenty of more issues.

Anyway I think India is a great country with a rich cultural history and these people got a great talent when it comes to making music and dancing. I red that they pray to the godess of music, before they start to practice and play the instruments. Not link rock artist breaking their guitar on the stage.


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