Friday, June 6, 2008

I red on a blog that rap duo Kidz in the hall, who are signed to Rawkus label is supporting Obama. These rappers need to wake up and focus on keeping the hip hop fans satisfied. The American dream is a nightmare for the most people of color. If there is any one successful man of color doing business, people thinks that there is a crime behind these peoples fortune.

I think these Kidz in the hall are still really kids, they are naive and there thought are immature. These ideals to see a black president is only possible in Africa. Supporting Obama is like carrying water to the sea, If all the people of color would support Obama would not even help. After 400 of years of slavery, black people in the States made some progression getting a man of color nominated. It takes another 400 years to see a black president get elected. I am not seeing this with in my Chrystal ball or what ever. I only can say that only some men of color would support Obama, the women would rather Hillary especially the black women, because they see their strength in Hillary Clinton and they would rather vote on Hillary , because she is a female. As a Hip Hop fan, I grew up with whole other ideas, which is not to judge someone by their color of the skin or any other exposure, but there qualities. I think Obama is not representing the qualities of a leader. I think this man is not that outgoing and too introvert and shows less charisma, then Hillary. The tone of his voice does not shows that much character.
I think he does not know the struggle of the ghetto kids from states, born on hawaii and growing up in Jakarta might cause him a utopia complex. He is thinking to turn this hell we are into a paradise. I can say it only remain a thought and a illusive ideology. For the black people who are supporting him, because of his skin color is quite whack. They need to go and rethink his qualities not his skin color, but the social background can say whole lot about a man than his skin color. If a actor like Ronald Reagan can get elected as a president, then a white rapper should be the next president. Really how silly is it to vote for a ex-actor to lead the all mighty economic country of the globe. Obama wake up and do the right thing and go lead Kenia.

I hope this is not that much of political criticism, I do not know a thing about politics. I am a hip hop fan. I make fun out of politicians. I am a damn good judge of character and if I was a American I would not vote for Obama, because he does not qualify for the presidential leadership.


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