Saturday, June 14, 2008

These three keywords are the main keywords of the hip hop culture. I think love is the most important one, whenever there is love is there is space for anything positive. I think love is needed to succeed. If there is love for the hip hop fan, the rappers will dedicate their heart and the soul to these people rappers will put blood, sweat and tears to deliver the best for the hip hop fans. I think if you got love for something, then the creativity, originality, dedication and devotion will flow out. When it comes to making rap music these things are inevitable.

Where ever there is love there will be peace, and peace is needed to maintain order and gain prosperity to any community or society. This part is the toughest part in the hip hop culture to gain. We are not that passive the hip hop fans or the rappers. We are constantly challenging each other in lyrical format or musical format to be the best. Peace is hard to gain in the hip hop community, because there is lots of friction between rappers. In freestyle battles there are fist fights and even worse. If you are a freestyle battler you got to be patient with the other rapper, who you are battling. Most freestyle rappers curse, this is surly is a weakness. I think being original with metaphors and punch lines are the best, bragging about how much your baggy pants costs, or much your diamond ring cost, how much your car is worth does not have anything to offer to the listeners. Even these rappers on a record claiming they are rich and how many women they got or how many guns they bust has nothing for me either. If they are not coming with original punchlines and rhymes. They do not deserve to eat. I feel like most rappers are making records and they do not know what rap is about. They are off course.

If there is peace there can be unity, there is no unity in rap music, because the mainstream rap music is the most violent music genre there is. These rappers making babies they not even take care of. They accept the government to take care for their babies. This is not the Utopia where we living in. These kids listen to the damn glories about these rappers are bragging about and like to do the same and some rappers claim that these kids have to sling crack to be alive. Like they do not go no other choice. I think only in the underground rap scene there is unity. These rappers are only making crumbs, comparing to mainstream rappers. Do not accept me to feed the world with non sense about how much guns I hold or pop. Let there parents take the responsibility and show them the right path. I feel like the mainstream rappers are some kinds of collectors for their favorite bank. Most people that buy the rap music are kids of the middle class people, these kids got to live up to the trends these fake rap industry set. Rap music is a culture. Don't you wonder why they call it an industry?


Delon Rap June 17, 2008 at 2:41 PM  

Well-written post! I am all for the hiphop revolution and spreading peace, love and unity through hiphop. I work with Delon , a Sri Lankan American hiphop artist who raps about peace and unity in Sri Lankan. Check out his "We Strugglin'" video at the link -- you will be inspired.

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