Saturday, June 28, 2008

He was one of the founders of the all time favorite hip hop group NWA. This group set trend in the hip hop game. They are icons and Ice Cube was one of them. He is born as O'shea Jackson and he took the stage name as Ice Cube. He is an American rapper and an actor. In 1992 he converted to Islam.

He had a great solo career, I think the album the Predator was the greatest album he made. This album remains a personal classic for me. The track 'really doe' is a trademark in the west coast rap music. The solo career of Ice Cube is dynamic and this rapper recorded his first solo career in New York along with the Lench Mob and the Public Enemy's production team. This album contributes to hip hop music to become a mainstream genre. This year he also released the EP 'Kill at Will'. This EP went gold and platinum.

Check more about Ice Cube's solo career here.


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