Sunday, June 8, 2008

Around 1998 I saw this movie called 'Good Will Hunting'. This is one of the greatest movies Matt Damon and Robin Williams played a part in. I can relate to this young chap Will. The main fact is that he is not feeling too good do any job he gets his hands on.
He worked at a school as a cleaner. Most people would not do this because it is way below their level.

When I was trying to get my vocational diploma I also did cleaning jobs at a factory. This made me feel real good. I felt like I have to do this, because I did not have the qualifications for to work as a labourer in that factory. It was few hours on Saturday. The rest of my Saturday I worked as a sales man in record shop. I can not say that selling is much fun as cleaning. I still think cleaning is one of the fun jobs there is. I think the relationship between being a hip hop fan and getting paid with cleaning is that, there is always some rappers challenge you to be successful. I think road to success is based on steps, one of the first and fun steps are cleaning. I think the moral of this movie is having a certain challenge to get to where you want to be. A humble kid is never feeling such things as too much pride to do the jobs that other people are feeling too good for. In the year of 2000 I worked as a sales man in the supermarket. The most people who comes to do shopping are the middle class working people. Once I got fired, because the snitching boss found that I was not communicating sufficiently with the colleagues. And once he started to brag about he was in the army. "I said it must be in the Salvation Army". This was what ditched me. After I got fired, I was glad to get a job as a cleaner. The stuff I sold to those people at the super market must be cleaned up. Ha ha, ha!!!!!

Once again I was a cleaner. This was a huge truck factory called Scania. I had mad fun doing this job. I pulled up in a Pepsi blue Honda to my work. I worked like a slave and drove to my home like a high roller like Nino Brown smoking a cigarette and pumping LOX and N.O.R.E. This is how much I can relate to the actor Matt Damon in this movie. The rest of his roll being this wonder child is quite amazing I wish I had such of knowledge of maths and physics. I am kind of jealous, why he is not using the opportunity to work for NSA. He has a good excuses based on facts, that actual could happen. I think those aren’t no facts those are more of hypothetic statements. There are only few wiz kids on this earth who are gifted like that. Me personally, I never could understand nothing of maths.

There was a good joke this actress made movie in this movie. It is the joke about the old couple. This reminds me of the rhyme of Nas on the ‘It Was Written’ album. You freak N***az played out, Got F**ed and ate out. This movie is a classic. If you like to check this movie out it is called Good Will Hunting. Click here to go to the site and watch it for free.


The Rhymeweaver June 19, 2008 at 11:36 PM  

I haven't watched that movie, but I sure understand what you're trying to get across. Copying this post for my own reference.

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