Thursday, June 12, 2008

This era of the rap music is the most influential time of the hip hop music. If you Miss the early old school rap then this a documentry you a must see. This time was all about 'do not believe the hype and burn Hollywood burn'. During these times are the most rebellion rappers are born and groups like Public Enemy, Ice T and NWA were the ones who were dominating the charts. These rappers gained major attention both the east and west coast were coming up and mainly west coast was dominating thanks to the G-Funk formula, which made a broad audience to enter the world of hip hop music.

I was into west coast raps, because I got a tape from a classmate this was the only rap music I knew and I really didn't knew anything about the origin of rap music or the hip hop culture. I felt great having jerry curls in the summer and rocking a army suits in the winter. I felt like I am part of something great, which is rap music. Later on I got in touch with kids, who were more into rap music from the old school and they introduced me to more depths and insightful rap music, which contains more lyrical quality and less melodic, sometimes depressive, but rap music more closer to the roots of the hip hop culture. I learn to understand that there are fun parts of the rap game. And that rap music is about unity and equality. There were rappers like Grand Puba, Kool G Rap and Rakim who dropped a wise guy raps with wisdom to enlighten the sleepers. What I like the most about Rakim's music is that he is out to bless the mic with knowledge and rappers like Kool G Rap was dropping more hardcore raps with street poetry. The more black power stuff was kicked by the Brand Nubian. Along with Sadat X and the rest of the crew Grand Puba dropped crazy hot joints like 'God's must be crazy'.

This is around late eighties to the mid nineties, these rappers remain my idols therefore, they should get statues in the world capitals for setting trends and keeping up the tradition of the Afrika Bambata and Grand Master flash and the furious five. This hip hop culture is not just a sub-culture any more, but big mainstream art form. Even the R&B and what? even country acts like Texas has done songs with Method Man, not this types of collabos add much value to the hip hop culture, but sure does add value to the pop culture and this types of collaborations shows that hip hop music is becoming a part of the pop culture. That is important, I heard some people say keep hip hop music underground. There is still a stream of rap music, which is underground and only those, who seek for it will find it, but I am glad that rap music is major this is great way to eat for the kids, who put their heart and soul into making music which is accessible for a wide audience.


Cash Advance June 12, 2008 at 1:48 PM  

Nas said it best... Hip Hop is dead

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