Monday, June 2, 2008

I come with a ill raps, make you collapse of the map,
after a stack, stack of beats and vocals to get props,
I am straped with rhymes and all that, no time to fall back,
a kid got mind on a gold plaque, It is so phat like Biggie,
stick into your ear drums like my name is Jigga, mad Jiggy,
the real deal, the realer than the realest, providing you,
what you feel kid!!! dope rhyme patterns, my natural high,
got me sky rocketing like buildings in Manhattan,
not betting like bunch of Gambinos, kid with the low pro-
file got more deadly raps than teeth on a crocodile,
the ill lyrical, pal, sling more grammar than a Palestine,
I shine a certified glow, you must of notified bro,
I stand alone and snatch your thrown like a head of a prawn,
a cold rush get your higher than ice, the Angelic nappy head,
a crook next to Christ,

the digital scroll of cultural rituals, the rhythmic spiritual,
the hip hop fanatic at this wizardry, let the gifted kid rip,
the proper dosage, doper than the *ish you snorting,
for fun I am quoting, the linguist, who sling the recipe,
for more flavor, watch my lines rise up from dough to a cookie,
ain't no cream comes between my fam like cream of a Orea,
for real YO!!!!, I appeal that I am the raw deal,
the crown holder, the soldier, with a steady aim,
my path is blood stained, the blood of the lamb, rule with math,
pain is for the laim, rappers are artificial like a mainframe,
What I gain is green,


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