Monday, June 9, 2008

Really, I am impressed by this track ‘9 elements’ KRS-ONE, why? once again he is breaking down the elements of the hip hop culture. This is quite vivid. He is making a point with this song. He has been making this statement for years. That "hip hop is something you live". This statement goes in the hip hop history.

He also says that crack dealing is not what hip hop is about. That crack dealers happen to be rappers. Not all the rappers are crack dealers. This what the media is projecting. In another song he states that no matter you are a pimp, hustler or a player, that you must be a dope rhyme sayer. I think most rappers nowadays are more of a pimp hustler or a player, than a dope rhyme sayer. Rapping is something we do and hip hop is something we live. I think there are many rappers playing a role of a gangster and not representing the true essence of the hip hop culture. What I think Tha teacha is about is the truth and the true flavor of the underground. He set standard for new comers in the underground hip hop genre to be a live MC. I think if anyone who do not know about KRS-ONE need to go back and take some history lesson of the hip hop culture. This guy is like a elephant in the room, when it comes to rap music. Even the major rappers of nowadays like Cam’ron and AZ are influenced by KRS-ONE and there is no mentioning DJ Premier without KRS-ONE. All the tight productions from DJ Premier is wrecked by KRS-ONE. The song RappaZ 'Rn Danja is one heck of a classic. With the sample of O.C. KRS-ONE drops statements on this track. I think the modern slave is not the middle class working people, modern slaves are the poppy rappers, who rather sell their soul to the record label and play a role written by a scenario writer, straight Hollywood stuff.

I think it is great that KRS-ONE have hooked up with the Queens vet Marly Marl for his new joint, "Hip hop lives". Although rapper Nas claim stuff the different way. Claiming "Hip Hop is dead". I think there is no life without death. About 20 years after the beef between Marly Marl and KRS-ONE is ended, they have hooked up to let the hip hop community know that true unity is not much of a dream. That beef was way before my time and I was learning to break dance at that time. The song 'Bridge is over' remains a classic. The beat of "Hip hop lives" is great the piano loop is hypnotic and KRS-ONE is moving the hip hop movement. KRS-ONE breaks down what rappers are writing about in their raps such as intelligence, ignorance, anger, poverty and raising awareness and more of the other items we are dealing with. And also emotions and other social issues we are dealing with. This track is great and I can say "Hip Hop Lives".


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