What I like about hip hop music.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I like almost about everything in the hip hop culture, this is the lifestyle and having dreams and the most important one being able to reach it. I think I have it all, because of rap music, of course not the money and the fame, but the true essence. That is able to express my feelings and being able to say what ever I like.

I am aware that sometimes it can hurt people, but I think it is good to hear the truth. If I think someone is too blunt, I say that. If I think if someone is too funny I say that. I am ware that I can not say everything what is on my mind, because saying the wrong thing can cause a huge conflict. It might cause a riot that is why I think these types of matters are deep hidden rules, that is how I see it. You might think this is only something for the Christian rappers, but there are ways to get the stuff said and done. I do not prefer a blunt tone or rude ways, I like subtle and deep and abstract poetic rhyme styles. I think it is easy to be negative and rude. A way to tell a story on the microphone it needs more than a comic book story to get the point across. I think telling a actual facts even through parables like Jesus is more closer to the reality than to rhyme like the life is a whole cartoon. I think rap music can contain a whole prophecy. Hip hop music is most close to my reality. Which are hunger, poverty and much more social factors. I think this has being my fate. Who can change it, only I can change this reality into a dream and this dream into a reality in the future. That means that I am not underprivileged. Now that I am on my own I realize there is a way.

I think the word love for something can solve the problem, before you learn to love someone. When I was seven I found a gray feather, I saw kids around me looking like. Now that is the world's eight wonder. I think they couldn't appreciate that feather like me. I thought the feather was wonderful, holding this feather is like feeling that you have wings. Just like learning to look towards the sun with your naked eyes. Those are few of the moments I can never forget. That is starting to love things. I think love for someone is a whole another story.

Anyway hip hop music is a thing I love because of it is allure and it is falls and rises, the failure in the hip hop culture is the violence, the massive bloodbaths and even fist fights at freestyle battles. This is not the school I am from. I think that alcohol and drug abuse is a major problem in the hip hop culture. There are few rappers who do not promote these kinds of things. I think the most rappers use getting high as a gimmick to show how bad they are. I remember few of the cats I knew back in the days swore that they can rhyme better when they were tipsy or what ever.
I heard them recording a track dead sober, then I knew what state they sound better, the tipsy or sober one? Some rappers are invited to promote famous beer brands. These are the issues what famous rappers deal with and say yes and amen to the commercial entities who want even a more blown up name.

Through the growth of the hip hop culture to a mainstream music genre only created more expansion of the wealth of the rappers. I think even actors are turning rappers and vice a verse. I think some of the actors who pick up rapping turned into a total flop. It lacks soul only a good sample can save them from the clutches of the critics. They can not put their whole soul into rapping like acting. Rapper who gets things mixed up they never be able to master non of the arts. This is sad this way a whole market will be created for mediocre rappers to enter. There will be a mediocre market who are willing to buy this type of rap music.


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