Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think hip hop music fans are an minority, I see these people as select few who are chosen to hear the truth. I think most rebellion rappers are enslaved to major labels by signing deals to work for petty cash relatively speaking. The major companies like Sony and other white owned music labels are making big cake and while rappers end up in war and blessed and cursed with a slice of the pie and messed up life style of materialism and most of all drug abuse

These rappers such as NWA is a group that end up in war with each other. I can remember that NWA was together and they called Ice Cube Benedict Arnold. This assault was kind of a weak one, because after years it seems to be Dr.Dre. I can say that he feels like we got a give chance to the minorities in the society, but signing a white rapper is the most Uncle Tom move ever in the history of rap music. I think rap music is something of the minorities in the whole world. And rappers like Eminem is only a minority in rap music and not a minority in the racist wealthy countries. And rap music is not a white music stream and there are plenty other chances for white kids to succeed in and they are the most economically fortunate ones and there are plenty of kids who do have way better skills than Eminem they are not having a chance in the hip hop music business, because the white owned labels are looking for the light skin puppy to sell the most records and the kids who do have the skills are taking their own weight up and set their own labels and become moguls in the game of rap music although not succesful they do not become the next Bill Gates or who ever. I consider these rappers as the true ones. And the thorough ones.

In Dr.Dre's case I think he is a sellout signing a white rapper. I think this was a commercial move, because this was the chance for mediocre majority to buy a mediocre artist. I think Eminem is not an extraordinary rapper with much impressive skills. I think his music is just another Elvis clone rap stuff. I am waiting till the next rhyme prophet comes to deliver the message. Not a another Primus Fan coming to act like he has worn his cousins second hand clothes and lived off food coupons and had to do dirt to get his money up and get his name known. What Eminem has to rap about is how he got drunk at the prom night and acting funny with his rhymes and brag about how bad he is. This is something for the punk fans than for the supreme order of the hip hop fans. That even Nas has worked with Eminem is a major disappointment for me. Who through up his fist do not work with artist with such a minimalistic skills and a corny persona.


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