Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have been listening to Mobb Deep since they came out with their second album. This album is the most nicest album. The other albums are straight whack. The beats are produced sloppy and it has too much of the synthetic beats and it need more depths. The metaphors are really simple they do not offer anything to think about and the whole allure they got on their second album and the magic is lost.

Prodigy really chose the wrong name, because he is the most mediocre rapper coming out of Queens. His affiliate Big Noyd seems to be way head of his time only he is young. If it wasn't for the beats he would not a sell any unit. I can not imagine that Big Noyd waited since 1996 to year 2002 or something to drop his solo album. This affiliation with Mobb Deep shows his weakness for money. I think he is depending from Mobb Deep to pave his way. I had some respect for him. If he came out as a solo artist with out any affiliation with Mobb Deep. Anyway Prodigy seems not be a lyrical wonder child at all. There is only one king coming out of Queens that is Phife. I hate the fact that he call him self a Dog. I really can not see any resemblance of a dog in him. I knew a friend of my eldest cousin he used to rap. His name is Sam and this guy got skills. I think Prodigy wished that he could rhyme like this dude. Anyway he gave up rapping for a business in insurance. I am saying I know kids from hood who have way better skills that cony as rappers like Necro, Kill Bill or Prodigy. I am thinking that Mobb Deep is kind of selling out. I copped their album 'Amerikkka's nightmare'. This album also contains synthetic sounds and too much garbage kind of rock influences. I am starting to get irritated by some of the rap artists who blow up and forget the right ingredients and lose their original fan base who copped their first albums so that they can buy a Lexus.

I think there are still rappers who rhymes dope and still get nice beats from the producers, because they got their heart in the right place for the hip hop crowd. I dare that Mobb Deep make another album similar to Infamous. I think even a white girl would rap better than Prodigy on the third album called 'Murda Muzik'. I heard a song song called 'We Are The Truth' on Tradegy Khadafi's album. The hook of this song is rapped by Mobb Deep. That song spoiled the whole Khadafi's album. It sounds like a 5 years old children trying to be serious at a birthday party while Homie the clown is around. I think I need to go and cop rappers like Paul Wall and Eminem to feel Prodigy and Havoc nowadays. Then it would not be fair to compare Prodigy and Havoc with those garbage rappers. Mobb Deep really need to find more inspiration from the Infamous album. This album contains beats such as 'Give up your goods' and these are classics. Maybe Scott Free saw it all falling down through his crystal ball. That is why he would not produce another song for them on no album after.


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