Grimy rhyme

Friday, July 18, 2008

Grimy rhyme analyist, grinding all the time the rebel is,
the dopiest since them old school rappers, not the gun clapper,
the illest making you chill with philly,
making heads nod drop rough raps,
I never stop getting pros, the topnotch intoxicant like scotch,
wise and woke, got you tripping and flipping, cause I wrote,
the vocals to rock the globe,

the known name aim at a lame one and rain on them like they are the blame son,
Got lady's on jock like a head on frame, I entertain, burn like petroleum,
not like a aero plain, the therow one here to explain the unseen,
I glow like a sun ray, I get not played, I display the weakness of rappers,
through my raps, why all that gun clap, I never run my mouth,
for the fast buck, got people stuck with a dream and no hope,
no joke the sorrow seems deeper than drama,


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