Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I woke up this morning and checked out some topnotch stuff. Back in 1997 I heard the first Capone and Noreaga album. This album remains a classic. The rhymes are real street rhymes and much depth about the struggle. The song called T.O.N.Y is one of the dope songs on this album 'War Report'. Back in 2000 when I was kind of lost and wonder how to make some money. Thanks to this album I found my way.

I realized that I do not have to do what these kids go through. I realized that I have plenty of chances in this society. I did not have to sell dope. I do not have to car jack or any crime stuff these kids have to go through. Unlike other kids that use the rappers as they role models. I never did that. I only had to fight the rappers lyrically to get my name known. I am from the sub urbs. Thanks to God there is no crack, crime or anything else in my neighborhood. I am crazy about rap music. Simply I can relate to rappers from the ghetto's, because they seems to have to deal with lots of dirt. Even for the Ghetto kids they are responsible for their own destiny. I think even planets and stars can not decide for these kids to succeed in anything they do.
I compare my self with the most fortunate people on this planet and realize that I am not doing bad. I think money can make the things lot easier. First of all making it easy to make money can get you any where you want.

Back in the days people like Calvin Broadus and Minister Farrahkan was trying to band rap, because the rappers have a bad influence on the kids. I can remember that there was a bulldozer running over a bunch of cd's. This is really ridiculous, because they can not stop all the violence in the streets. They need to take the crime out of the streets, before anything. Rap is a music stream which portrait a vivid picture liver than Rembrandt about the streets. I never heard that rappers like Kool G Rap smuggled ship full of China white into States. So are these hypocrites going to stop the Hollywood producers putting out movies like Reservoir Dogs and Usual Suspects. I think rap music is not only entertainment, but also a education. For me it is like hearing the things what I do not have to do. Hearing the law books over and over again. If I hear

I have to face 7 long years in prison
that means for me that this rapper done the wrong thing and the consequence is loosing his freedom from the crime he done. I take the struggle of some rappers as examples what can happen if making the wrong choice. Even the most negative rappers can mean some sort of positive message for me. The positive thing can be the getting not involved in the crime stuff they are into. I you listen to a 'Onyx' album and do all the things they do you will be end up in prison without a doubt. What I mean is the whole responsibility is in the hand of the listener. Do not expect your parents to watch everything you do. Rather blame your self for the mistakes you made and learn form some of the rappers what to do and what not to do


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