Sunday, July 27, 2008

I heard from some old school fans that Wu-Tang Clan is heavily inspired by X-Clan. Anyway why Wu-Tang Clan is my favorite rap group of all time can be explained. In the nineties when I was crazy about the west coast hip hop culture. The east coast struck with a live influence of the Shaolin martial arts and the five percent teachings. This gave me a whole another meaning and this was a major turn point to my flavor of rap music.

The affiliation with Shaolin martial arts meant discipline and control of the mind, body and soul. The Wu tang clan members could explain the game of chess like it was a sword fight. I interpret this like free style rapping off top of the head. Although I never practiced this art. Untill couple of months ago. I happen to get hang of it within 3 months. It is really a challenge. I do not practice this art no more it is no more challenging when you master the art of free styling of top of the head. The sample ‘Game of chess is like a sword fight’ This was the most memorable sample of the debut album of Wu-tang clan. The whole concept knowledge wisdom and understanding is put in a bright light and explained through parables and metaphors with rhymes on beats by Wu-Tang Clan. It is my own habit to appreciate the debut albums more than the follow ups. In Wu-Tang Clans case it is the also like that. Wu tang clan set trend with their wally shoes, hoodies and the PLO style. I think except for Masta Killa and GZA all the Wu members got their own style which is unique. If I have to pick my favorite Wu Member it would be a tough choice because they can not be compared with one and another. I think the rhyme style of Reakwon is the nicest. Because this is typical New York ghetto slang. He can tell a story without exaggerating and without emphasizing the drama of the people of the ghetto's. It is very realistic and has much flavor.

The debut album contain samples from the Shoalin movies and even from a Jackie Chan movie. The beats are mega tough and only Wu-Tang Members are able to rhyme over those beats. This album contains hip hop classics like 'Can it be all so simple man'. This song is laced with dope piano loops and the base line is deeper than the Ocean it self. Above all the solo projects of the Wu-Tang clan members I appreciate the whole clan's work more. They form a chemistry which is never heard before in the history of the hip hop culture. RZA is multi talented person with much preciseness and he knows what fans want to hear. One of the most influential rappers of the Wu-Tang Clan is Killah Priest. Although was not featured on the most Wu-Tang albums, but his solo debut album is truly an underground classic. The productions are tight and the vocals are deep. For me the most memorable line is 'Watch hell freeze over....'.

Wu-Tang Clan has gave birth to other groups which are spin offs such as Killa Army, Sunz of Men, Royal Fam, Gravediggaz, American Cream Team and Theodore Unit as far as I know. These groups are all a great contribution to the hip hop culture. The second album of the Wu-Tang Clan is not so raw as the first one because there were too much synthesizer beats on it. However the song 'It is yours' contains a beat which is dope as uncut raw stuff.


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