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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today I drove about 300 km to get an ipod touch, first I wanted an Iphone, but it is not available yet in holland not the 16gb version. So I decide to Eindhoven to get a Ipod touch. I had the map printed out, but I was lost. I saw a computer shop on the corner and I went there asked if they sell Ipod touch 32 GB version. No was the answer. I was not mad though, I saw this mini laptop and I was looking for a one. This is really a fun thing. The brand is called ASUS. I never knew what country manufactured these kinds of laptops. It seems to be Taiwan. I was hoping to get an Ipod although I got now a mini laptop. My main purpose to buy this mini laptop was to blog from my car when I have time. I have trouble finding the right internet service.

I have fun blogging on this mini laptop. This gives me more comfort and I can blog sitting on the bed. I hope to get a wireless internet connection soon, this will makes it able to set a up internet connection from Holland, Belgium or Luxemburg. I think I am glad that I have not bought the Ipod though although this Ipod has 32 gb and this mini laptop has only 4 gb. I was in this shop for a inernet sevice I kind of felt like acting funny so I started to act like I am from USA and started to talk english. The most people speak English so it is great to act like a foreigner. My english is not advanced so almost everybody can get what I am saying. The accent of english want betrail that I am from Holland. Listening to rap music I hsve learned to speak the New York type of accent. I once in a while rhyme of the dome and practice the pronounce quite well. I think only a native New Yorker can hear I am not from New York. I am tired now after driving 300 km and I am thinking about some grub and a shower. I think sitting on the bed is even more comfortable than sitting on my recline leather chair. The greatness of the Ipod touch is the touch screen. The zoom in function and this is a fun gadget I guess.


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