Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think hip hop music is the ultimate lifestyle for the youth of the inner city to the sub urbs. I think all that fashion does not got to do anything with the lifestyle of a hip hop fan. I have never been a fan of the fashion part of he hip hop culture. I think having a pair of Timberlands does not make me more or less hip hop then wearing 20 Dollar Dunlop shoes.

It is more of the essence of the hip hop culture what I am after not the glitter and glamour. I think it is great for the artist who set up their own clothing lines and become well known entrepreneurs like Tommy Hilfiger or Armani. But I am glad to have the newest album out rather than having the newest Air Force ones. This fashion aspect is something of a media hype and sometimes I think it is like following the heard like a sheep to wear the latest fashion. Psychologically speaking maybe it got to be something of a inferiority complex to follow the latest fashion. Those who feel the need to dress like the stars they are afraid to be left out. The way I set trend is not even not to kept up by the stars. I wore my printed T-shirts outside the sweater back in 1993. It took 8 years Jay-Z to dress this way. So I think I am not a follower of these fashion trends, but rather a trend setter. No matter how much money I get I still would not follow the fashion trends in the hip hop music.

I worked at a street ware store back in 1997 and I could ware the latest fashion from Fubu, Pelle Pelle or Tommy Hilfiger. Even the not-hip hop fans were wearing these brands to belong with the heard. This really can not impress me. I worked to make money to buy the latest album not for the fashion issues. Because Flava Flave was wearing a clock on his chain does mean I am going to where a clock. Or if LL Cool J wears FuBu doesn't mean that I have to dress in FuBu. I think the fashion stuff is all media hype and it really does not got to do anything with the hip hop culture.


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