Nineteen's ultimate street vibe rap music

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am not that familiar with 80's rap music.In this is a era, I was more into break dancing than rap music. In the 80's when Big Daddy Kane was ruling and Rakim dropped knowledge and blessed the mic still remains a golden era of the hip hop music. This was more in the mid eighties. I am glad I know something about this era. Though it is not much.

In the nineties west coast was dominating the charts with G-Funk vibe and they had it going on. I think since the album Illmatic of Nas came out in 1994. Things got different for the rappers from New York. This album is a blue print for a new generation of rappers. This album of Nas is mos def a trademark of the nineteen's ultimate street vibe rap music. You can hear that Nas took basement rap music to a major level. It was focused on the streets how it is going down in his hood. This album inspired a whole legion of rappers from Queens such a Prodigy, Capone and Noreaga, Tradegy Khadafi formerly known as Intelligent hoodlum. These rappers do not sound like Nas, but surely they show some resemblance when it comes to rap music, because they rap about the streets. The streets fascinated me since I was a teen and even on the Christmas night I hung on the streets with my homiez. I think it was around this time the street vibe rap music was flourishing. This was a beginning of a glamor lifestyle oriented rap scene. Jay-Z started to pop Chrystal and made it big in the hip hop scene.

What I like about the rap music from Queens is the street vibe and the rappers shine on every track. Since the album of Mobb Deep came out the whole Queens Bridge rap scene got more fame. They still seems to rule the street vibe of Queens Bridge, but since they are signed to G-Unit it they got a whole another twist, which is more commercial. The authentic aura, which surrounded the duo was gone. The trademark this duo set with their second album should remain as a foundation. For me it is like they have overgrown their own style and the new Mobb Deep does not have the vibe they use to set with first few albums. The second contains some great samples. These are the hip hop classics. The song 'give up your goods' is a great example. In 1998 also a rapper named Cam'ron dropped his first album. This album is also crazy street, the beats seems to be not produced with Akai 500 or what ever. Beats of Cam'ron's first album contains keyboard sounds. Lyrically he can do tricks on the mic and he is funny in his raps. The song on the first album called 'confession of fire' is funny.

Above mentioned rappers seems to rule the street vibe hip hop nowadays. Although rap music does not originates from the streets. It surely can not be taken out of the streets nowadays. This is good, because rap music is a reflection of the streets and this art form will forever painting pictures about the streets, because most us only know the streets. It is also good for today's youth to make their own choice. Through rap music they can decide that streets are not the only way to do anything you want. Everybody is free to choose which way they want to go. It can be the streets or even the Wall street. Blaming rap music for the failures in someones life is not correct. Your responsibility does not lies in the rappers hands of these rappers


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