Gravediggaz Twelve Jewelz

Friday, July 4, 2008

What I like about this song is this song ends with the line 'He works like a slave and eats like a king'. Really only a small percentage of the world population is free, and that freedom can be achieved by if you obtain the twelve jewels like RZA raps in this song. This song contains a story about a old man from Sudan. That he didn't have no knowledge of the basic knowledge of the economy. I can relate to this old man. If you work like a slave only thing you can do is eat like a king.

In the modern society there are other things we want to obtain and those are material things. This can truly cause chest pain from stress chasing these material stuff. I think there is no need to know anything about the world economy to obtain these twelve jewels. The knowledge of it self can get you there. This song is a jewel this song let you know what you need to obtain to achieve happiness. Gravediggaz always spread love and wisdom to uplift the people. This song is a great example.


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