Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have been watching the movie Malcolm X for the third time and this movie leaves permanent memories. It is the most impressive work of Spike Lee who plays a role in this movie as shorty. This movies is incredible, the script is very detailed and shows the visions of Honorable Elijah Mohamed very well. I believe these teachings of the leader of the Nation Of Islam is true to a certain level. The indoctrination is to save the people, the dark skin or the black people out the social imprisonment.

I really can appreciate these teachings, because these teachings are meant to uplift the people out of the gutter. I think some rappers nowadays needs to go check the teachings, because I think they are lacking the knowledge of it self. There are lots of hypocrisy in the rap music. And to sort out those contradicting state of mind of the rappers nowadays need a good lesson in the history of rap music and they beliefs need to put on a higher level. This can be reached by reading the wisdom of Nation Of Islam. I think the claiming that one race is superior to another is not dealing with equality. I believe that Nation Of Islam is explaining this into fine details to understand for us. Click here to check out what the Five Percent Teachings are about. I checked out the site of Five Percent Nation and read the disclaimer of the the site and it says "That the Five Percent Nation is not Pro-Black nor Anti-White". I believe as a hip hop fan dealing with equality is one of the corner stones of the hip hop culture. I think only in rap music we got the chance to express our selves about any racial issues any other social issues. I feel a great connection with the Five Percent Teachings.

Due to my beliefs I do not claim that I am Pro-Black or Anti White.


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