Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am so excited to dig into the book how to make a website with Dreamweaver. Since a year I am online and I am getting the taste of what Internet has to offer. I hope to explore more the opportunities what the Internet has to offer. I found out about blogging this is so much fun.

I want to learn how to set up a website with Dreamweaver. This is a great software to make a website with. I want to set up few websites to start an online business. I hope I can genrate some extra income with these websites. I found out that there are lots of methods to earn few bucks online.

I have few ideas for websites. I want to focus on getting paid per lead. If a visitor comes to my site and I send that visitor to the site of the merchant and the visitor fills out a form I get paid. That is the pay-per-lead model. I am excited to learn how to build a website with Dreamweaver.


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