Monday, June 11, 2007

It goes for anything! you got to have the will and the skill to get the job done. It is the same for MCing. You can not become the best with only the skills, you got to have the will too. You can not become the best only with the will. About the skills I have to say that it can be developed, if you willing to work on it. It does not come that easy, you got to practice.

There are some kids they are exceptional, because they got talent and know exactly how to use it. They grow up in a envoirment that is perfect to develop that talent. There are people that recognize their talent and talk the will into them, because they got the skill. These kids are lucky if there are people that is willing to help them to develop the skills, when they find out these kids got the will. So B-Boys and Fly girls If you got the will to become a professional MC, DJ, Breaker or Graffiti artist, develop your skill. And make sure you got the will.


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