Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I can imagine any rapper who at first picks up his microphone hopes to be a pro someday.
I know it takes much practice to get to a level that the listners starts to get to know what you are about. It also takes a good connections with the insiders of the industry. Not everyone can stand out in this game called rap. You know the hip hop community is very critical when it comes to rhymes and beats.

So you might got the skills, then you also need the perfect network. There are some talent scouts out there looking for the hottest kids to bring out. There are also alot of kids out there giving 100% and can not get any exposure, because the record company is prefering rappers appealing their self a certain way. What I mean is they only sign Gangsta rappers, not the rappers who is dropping freestyles with dope metaphores.

Now it doesn't matter if you are a underground rapper or a gangsta rapper. Now you can distribute your music digitally. If you don't have any money to press LP's, MC's, CD's. You can sell your songs through online music stores. All the indie music lovers will be able to shop for your music now. I got this good news for all the rappers who are looking for a way to sell their music. Go to www.kudos-digital.co.uk/


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