Monday, July 30, 2007

What are a lots of rappers claiming nowadays, that you have to bust you gun, sell drugs to keep it real. What is real? the opinions can vary. Some say keeping it real is being hardcore and versatile. For every rapper it can be something else that term 'keeping it real'. For a rapper that truly lived the life of a player. He can tranlate his experiences into musical form.

A teacher that happens to rap he can educate the listners with wise words and entertain them as well. I think that is 'keeping it real'. If he realize that he does not have to fool the audience by playing a roll like an actor, but representing his back ground and stimulating the listners to study and become wise like that rapper with a teaching background, then this is keeping it real.

I know a few rappers that come with original lyrics and inspires the listners to become more aware about their social and economical oppertunities. Not to point fingers, but to be independent and go out there and grab the chances that there are. That is 'keeping it real'


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