Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yo I guarentee to flow, the low pro, twice rawer than before
I am dropping this for my peeps, from Holland to Asia,
blazing phrases, amazing flavours to get the major paper,
I making moves on grooves, busting this on loops, here is the proof,
I tear off the roof, I take the inspiration to the booth, From smallest villiages
to the livest hood, I supply this like it should, You read this, good!!!

I set the mood, I bet you this rhyme I made this,
I bubble like crys, who you try to diss?
you might mis, I stick to the art of MCing,
check out the supreme mathematics from this Asiatic being,
you are not seeing, the facts, you do not know how to act,
you style of rhymes are totally wack, that is that.

So forget about jewels and cars, my mind is designed to shine
brighter than a star, I master this, I blast lyrics and get chips
It ain't about who I am with, I uplift the b-boys and fly girls,
I am not about getting-rich-quick, you heard, If you with me say word!


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