Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am huge freestyle fan. I admire the rappers that can bust a verse from top off their dome. This require pure skills. I always wanted to bust raps off my dome, till now I can freestyle a little bit. A little bit is not enough for me so I am practicing for about everyday.

You might think this dude is getting on the mic everyday after putting on a beat, No I practice on my bike, while I am on my way to my work. Some people look at like that cat is crazy. I don't care, but once and while I check out if there are any bikers are behind me.

I find out that I am constantly repeating the same rhyme words. I can not get to rhyme on new rhyme words. It is like a game of chess you must think before you move. I think I have to keep on busting freestyles to drop longer freestyles.


Ivan August 13, 2008 at 4:49 PM  

Well I practice rapping freestyle while I am driving my car. Looking site to side using everything in site to rhyme off.

Anyway, it's not crazy but some may think so when they see our lips moving in traffic or whatever. But the love for freestyle rap / hip hop is in my veins I can't stop thinking about rapping. I'll freestyle battle anyone. Who want's to battle?

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