Saturday, December 22, 2007

I find it funny, I came to claim, what is mine,
10 years ago I was rocking that style, remember me?
I blended the sentence, pure lyricism, poetical wisdom,
the Asiatic brown skin Christian, already in position,
money is additional in my mission, beyond the traditional
methods I am spitting, you can not be admitting,
that I am getting into your soul and your mind,
the golden child is older now, hold it down
for the peeps in jeeps and coups,
for soldiers and troops, from the street to the booth,
my vocals are about the deepest truth, the soulful
the shogun swing, the mic gives me wings,
known to bring the nicest flavours,

Some say hip hop is dead, never!!! it is still,
in my soul,mind and body, I bring the knowledge
of it self to the party, the fellows nodding,
hotties are getting hotter, when I drop these
third world politics on tracks, where you at?
the truest- cats you never can dead that,
I bet that we will survive and vibe to keep
hip hop alive for ages, no matter you
major or not, In spit pages for props,wheather
I am on stage or not.


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