Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I just checked out the preview of the new documentary coming out. This documentary is about N.O.R.E. The Documentary is called 'N.O.R.E story'. This stuff is dope. By viewing this documentary it becomes obvious what kind of lifestyle N.O.R.E is living.
He is actually living the lifestyle of a super thug. You can see the making of N.O.R.E's video 'Nothing' on this DVD.

I think this documentary is real live. Anybody who sees this want to trade places with N.O.R.E. This lifestyle is topnotch. The party's and money. You can see how N.O.R.E is working in the studio with Nina Sky and Daddy Yankee. Fat Joe, Ja rule talk about N.O.R.E. N.O.R.E tells us about the first deal he signed. The first deal was for 5000 USD for each member of CNN.

N.O.R.E talks about the rough time he had to go through, because he was hustling. He believes that God had a plan for him. That was his gift to rap. I think God is the Greatest. I personally see N.O.R.E as one of the real character in the hip hop now. He is just a honest about his neighbourhood, the times he went through and about the friends he has in the hip hop game. He is not tying to project a fake image to the listeners. I think this DVD is worthy checking out. Click here to check out the preview of 'N.O.R.E Story'.


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