Thursday, December 6, 2007

MTV played a big part in the evolution of the hip hop culture. MTV have been giving the talented rappers a chance to shine. I think this is great. MTV know darn well where the money is. If music genre is a subculture, they will turn it into a mainstream culture. That is what they did to hip hop. I think it is great that some rappers get the chance to become multi millionaires. MTV in Holland is quite alternative. Mostly they play rock and house music. They used to have a hip hop show.

Anyway MTV Holland air the MTV's celebrity rap superstar show. I think this show is hilarious. The jury is sharp. I saw that Sebastian Bach rapped the LL Cool J's song 'Momma said knock you out'. He gave a mad rock influence to it. I found him way better than Kid Rock rapping. I think this concept is original. Nowadays everybody trying to get piece of the hip hop scene. They all want to be down.
Awhile ago politician and police in Holland try to bridge the gap with the youth by forming a cypher on the streets. This way the politicians and the police in Holland are trying to invite the youth to discuss the problems in rhyme. So what once the voice of the urban black youth was is copied by the people in power to communicate with the youth.

MTV now making fun out of the celebs with this show Mtv's celebrity rap superstar. I think MTV's celebrity rap superstar show is great. I have fun watching these celebs trying to spit the famous rap songs. Last time even Huge Hefner was in the house with his playboy bunny squadron.


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