Thursday, December 13, 2007

Calm breeze from the east comes in peace,
I got to spit and increase the love and unity,
among the hip hop crowd to begin with, my lines
ignite your third eye to shed light for one and other,
get my bread right, I am a hungry type of brother,
for food for thought, you thought the truth I wrote
can be controlled, no !!!, I fought for my rights and
for the rights of my people, they called me Ghandi,
Mandela and king, the bitter truth for the people in
power, I looked up at the heaven,
called on God in my darkest hour,
I am still fighting the power,

without squeezing clips,
I got to utilize the tools to get chips,
the soloist, you noticed this rhyme,
take time to design and establish the foundation,
for the next school of rappers in this hip hop nation,
I am lacing these lines for the upliftment,
I keep the art authentic, peak the craft, the rhyme
is climaxing, the main attraction is the versatile
rhyme make you relaxing, fake ones are collapsing,
had many snakes sliver around me for that half baked cake,
for hip hop's sake stop faking jacks kid.


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