Sunday, December 2, 2007

I maintain to hold a steady aim,
I am not concerned about fame, I got to earn
each and every Dollar, I got to maintain,
I got to use my talents,
this rap stuff is not going to my brain,
My heart is in this art of rapping,
I can not afford to be napping,
Let's make it happen, I am not acting like
nothing happened before, there are MCees
who have been spitting mad raw, I am glad
though to grab the mic and rip a mad show,

Let this gifted kid rip it,
Any script I can flip it, I am not lacking,
Forget about the whip you whipping,
or the chick you hitting, let's get down to
the true purpose of hip hop, I lift you up,
you wonder why you flop, everything you put down,
already done before, I rather stay underground,
and do this for fun, check the kid is ripping,
while you slip and fall, I take firm steps and stand tall,
the true soul controller, the son of Sem, the man with advanced plans,
sheik from the far east, the son of mans child reading the bible
under the palm tree, I am free


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