Saturday, December 29, 2007

My thoughts take flight towards an tremendous height,
the astrological type of rhymes, I am sending the vibe,
inventing the lines for your pleasure, I seek for the
hidden treasure, I thirst for knowledge,
I am willing to learn, you want to measure up to me,
go head and try it...the pleasure is mine,
bless the Asiatic child who hold his own,
my poems are flowing, I will rock the globe,
I stimulate rappers to be original on the plate,
for real cats who can relate, do not wait,
even Djengish Khan will put down his blade,
when I reveal my mind state,

Since I picked up the mic, I have been telling
the true facts, who is that? bringing a smooth act,
move chap!!!, rip mics to get props give me the mic,
I will show a unique flow, getting my name known
from Negombo to Munich bro, let me hit you
with the authentic scripture, my pen inks pictures,
the golden eye spit hits, the brown skin golden child,
gets up and get rid of the sceptics, the focused
black moses spilt waters,you never noticed,
I am low key, but above the water like a lotus,
I chose to follow the path, God chose for me,
This is all for free, I would not charge you a fee,
If I can make you see, my mission is accomplished,
how whack some of the rappers are, they are far from
mine, I am coming with bomb hits, a calm kid
getting rid of these funcky rappers, they are nappers,
they are no soulclappers.


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