Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I get on the mic and spit the hits off my dome, all right,
It is all tight like a skirt on nurse, I got a huge hunger,
when it comes to getting bread and staying at least 10 steps ahead the rest,
I do not guess, I practice to be the best, my tactics are blessed,
I am quite sure, it is not about whipping a Lex, I throw texts at non believers,
make them receivers of my lines, I go deeper, I am my brothers keeper,
all you sleepers are dreaming, I am dreaming while I work at it,
you heard I got the habit like Rakim, because I am Asiatic,

The versatile lyricist, the realest you could not deal with the truth,
I do not have to be rude, I stand and deliver you have no clue, I am so smooth,
when it comes to wrecking grooves on loops, I got the right tools,
I might fool these rappers with my moves,
I ignite the braincells, I am born to reign,
every region of the globe, my raps are soulful,
the dope vocals, yet to be a online mogul, keep my people,
hopeful, the lyricist with the international allure, not local.


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