Monday, December 31, 2007

I got to do this for my peeps in Jeeps,
I peak to the top like a climax, got hot lines
to spit on tracks, I got next and I get wrecked
check the mic with all the special effects,
not the first or the last to throw texts,
all the facts my mouth piece yap,
are actual not artificial but natural,
blended like spices bringing the nicest,
flavours like rice and curry,

I am not trifle, I might Ignite your head
with rhymes and enlighten your frame of mind,
like the God's designs, some throw up gang signs,
that is fine, I do not brag about my nine,
I hardly drink wine, so long my rhymes combine,
with the beats, you are going to feel the peeps
from the far east, God's descendants speak the
supreme mathematics hear this from the Asiatic fleet,
in lead ,indeed peep the truth, open your eyes,
and realize the paradise is here, that is where
my body, mind and soul reside, I will clear,
the path for the future generations,
establish the underground foundation,
for the hip hop nation.


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