Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am a big fan of the concept of Krs-One, which he calls edutainment. He released an album under this title. I think there are more and more hip hop fans are looking for some uplifting elements in hip hop music. I think that some rappers are not even aware how powerful hip hop music is. This is a massive communication tool. Rappers can speak their mind and there will be people, who will agree with these rappers.

I was convinced after listening to the album of Krs-One that hip hop is more than entertainment. It is not just beats and vocals to give you a good feeling. Hip hip music can be a source of information for the personal growth of the listeners. The insights of rappers about overcoming the obstacles, can offer the listener to improve the circumstances he or she is in.

It is also possible to learn about the topics such as declaration of independence, punctuations, how to work with fractions, civil rights movement and more. I found this site. It is called This site is a great resource if you have exams soon and you want to get a good grade, then I advice you to check this site out. You can hear rap songs about a educational subjects. You do not have to read in your history book to learn about history, but you can hear it as rap song.


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