Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have finally moved out to my own place. I am happy to have my own place. This demands some self discipline and it offers me Independence. I am renting a room 2 km from where my parents live. I have the chance to eat at my parents. I am kind of glad that I do not have to cook. I am kind of crazy about the food my mother cooks. I can not cook like that yet. I have all the recipes written. My main intentions with these recipes were to publish it as an e-book. I am not ready to publish it yet.

I am enjoying my self at my own spot watching my favourite movies. I have checked out a classic movie yesterday. The movie is called Planet of the Apes. Today I have bought the classic Starwars trilogy. This is a must have. I saw that the Godfather trilogy was for sale for 25 Euro's. These movies are my favourite mob movies of all time.

I have no Internet yet at my own spot. So I am coming to my parents house to surf the net. I can not be without Internet. I have to write post to maintain this blog. I am actually for a short while in this room. I am looking for a house to rent. This can take some time.


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