Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am still waiting on the tv show called Kung Fu. I ordered this while ago. It got to come from US. I was looking for the collection of Kung Fu. I could not find it around here where I live. This show brings me some great child hood memories. I was also watching Star Trek as a little kid. However when I got older I never watched it no more.

It kind of started to bore me. I am back at a point in my life that I am interested in the galactic stuff. Yesterday I bought the Star Wars Trilogy. This show is great. I can not imagine that people who created this tv show was way head of their time. The quality is topnotch. The scenes are breath taking. Some of the scenes I would rather pause and stare at it.

That is the same with the Jackie Chan movie called 'Killer Meteor'. The fight scenes are shot in open fields. Some of them are shot in front of bushy mountain. The quality of the movie is great the colors are very rare. This really make a infinite impression on me.


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