Saturday, March 15, 2008

I would like to introduce this site to you. it is called This site is a great resource for all the hip hop information you would like to know. For the latest news and the updates in the hip hop world this is the site to be.

Check out the newest video's. Be part of this community and check out all the interviews with the greatest artist. This website looks really professional you can easily navigate through the site and find the needed information. You can check out hip hop videos from ATCQ to Biggie Smalls. The songs are in the alphabetical order. It is much easier for you to find your favourite artist.

You can check the video of AZ the song called 'Come up'. Click here to check this video out. This site is without a doubt worth checking. For all the hottest videos this is the place to go.


Sophia April 5, 2008 at 9:08 AM  

The general discussion forum has many sexist and racist posters.It is not well moderated generally and the site has members that are allowed to abuse and try to denigrate other members.Don't expect any fairness to be applied to any decision about bans or temporary bans.Some people are banned for the most ridiculous things and at a whim of a moderator ; others are allowed to post the most foul abuse and nothing is done even when a lot of other members complain.Leave all logic and reasoning behind if you engage in some discussions as frankly even though some members are in their late 20's they have very childish and idiotic minds.The poetry,music and film sections are much better and they have some very good contributors.

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