Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sean Combs we know him as 'Diddy' now. Is one of the big names in the hip hop game. In 1998 he started his clothing line called Sean John. This was dream coming true for Diddy. The market was screaming for sophisticated and quality fashion with the hip hop touch. This reflect the urban street style for the today's youth.

Since launching Sean John Diddy has enjoyed many commercial success and became a international recognized mogul in the game of fashion. Thanks to retailers and the fashion world Diddy has gone from a urban label to an international brand name. Sean John has become a nominee for a the prestigious award for the ceremony for the council of fashion designers. The topnotch group of designers like Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang is part of the designers crew of Sean John.

The collection is divided into Sean John, Bad Boy sports wear. The products are produced 4 times a year. The fragrance became the best selling fragrance quickly.
I am really curious how this smell. So I am going to buy this fragrance. I can tell you that Sean John is world wide. I was in Asia two years ago. You can get sweaters and jeans.


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