Friday, March 14, 2008

About to bomb on melodic tracks and raise hell with decibels,
I come smooth on a track, but I am wilder than a savage,
glean like claws on Wolverine, out to get the cream I don't have,
the everlasting math I handle this, come like a ancient spirit when the candles lit,
you ain't got no flavour not a little bit,
my lines quite creative speaking the native,
talk and walk it,

The dope hits to drop, I got the thousands of rhymes on my mind,
I spit it quite tight on time, I come with a dope rhyme,
you can not be stopping mine, I combine soul and mind,
dope rhymes that displays the colorful graphics,
I blast hits, the massive tracks, certainly classic,
freestyle rhymes flows tight, I come with tight tactics,

your jealous eyes can not do me non,
you clones do not know me, you all ain't got nothing on me,
keep distance and witness the real *ish,
you can not enter my terrain, you lames claim my thrown,
I hold a steady aim, you know, you get blown.


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