Monday, March 3, 2008

The Asiatic child is phrasing the amazing rhymes,
for the whole nation and the globe,
putting the poetry into motion and flow,
yo!! I drop the raw raps, I never slow that,
down, got the math and I got more science than a chemist,
got the recipe, peace to the people blessing me,
I represent the essence see,
cook up the flavours, guarantee to be live major,
plans are advance to get props and more,
I from the core of the rap game, the source, I am deep rooted,
make the dance floor hot, move to the groove kid,
smooth hits for you,

Here the real deal in rap, while you only appealing that,
I am ill with thoughts and my pen ink quotes doper than narc you snort,
I got my words to make a living, the villain,
giving real feeling or should I say a rush,
It is a must, I bust the real ish,
make the heads spin like a wheel, kid,
wreck the mic with techniques,
flex the texts on wax, every rhyme is unique,
I am on some Illmatic stuff like Nas,
out to get props, cause I flow nice,
my eyes on the crowd, spitting the clout.


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