Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Since Nas dropped Illmatic he became a instant lyrical hero. He continued ripping mics and treating the hip hop heads with ultimate fresh songs. No one can deny that every album Nas drops is a classic. This Q.B.C wiz kid of rap have been dropping
albums called 'It was written' 'I am' 'Nastraudamus' 'Stillmatic' and more.

I know he will last for a long time. Nas is coming with a new album. I have no doubts that this album going to be dope lyrical wise, because Nas is known for his dope lyrics, beats on his last album could not impress me. I can not understand he may work with Will.I.Am, I mean Black Eye Peas are making commercial rap music, which is ment to serve the mainstream. Nas is not particularly serving the mainstream crowd. Nas is spitting the truth about the streets, the hood and about the true life stories about the life he is living.

All the hip hop heads have nothing to worry Nas is saying he has finished half of his new album, he still may work with DJ Premier. I hope this is going to happen. DJ premier is the most respected producer from the hip hop scene. There are only a few
that can compose a beat like this man. I hope Nas is going to work with DJ Premier on his next album.


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