Saturday, September 22, 2007

I know there are lots of talented cats walking around with plans to become a professional rapper. If you are one of those people, I advise you to pay no attention to non-believers and sceptic ones. I started rapping around 1995 and dropped raps till 1999, I had to deal with lots of sceptic people and non-believers.
I am born in Sri Lanka and I live since 1990 in Holland. A great country, where you get enough opportunity to explore you artistic horizon. Since the start of the hip hop culture in the States, it was spread pretty soon across the globe, especially
to western countries. So did the hip hop culture got famous amongst the youth in Holland.

Since the early '90 I am crazy about rap music. First rap tape I possessed was one of the Ice-T's albums. My whole lifestyle got influenced by the hip hop culture, it is still that way. Anyway I started rapping in 1995, Me and few kids from my neighbourhood.
We won the second place at a local talent show. We also did a support act for a famous rap group from Amsterdam called 'Osdorp Posse'. We were so proud of our selves. We could not make any progress to get the attention from national hip hop fans. There were people around us saying you will never make it, because rap music in Holland can not put any food on the table.

First of all if you are a rapper and you have plans to go professional, I would get rid of all the non-believers. You should find people who believe in you and who support you. Give 100% of your best shot. Be active and support the hip hop community, through supporting your local hip hop community. Network with the hip hop heads from other cities. The most important thing is motivation and focus on your goal to become a rapper. If you surround your self with people with positive energy, common goal and a nice dosage of motivation, I think it can not be hard to get noticed by a talent scout and you will get that record deal.


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