Thursday, September 13, 2007

I do not understand that the world is constantly looking for a scapegoat. There is now the trend that hip hop music gets the blame for everything that happens in this world. I know you can hold rappers responsible for to a certain level for the effect they have on the youth. I am not saying that rappers do not have any influence on the youth. Rap music was blamed for all the controversy in the '90 and people tried to banned it. I even remember the demonstrators were running over Cd's with a bulldozer. This type of actions were really ridiculous and most definitely senseless, because this has no positive outcome.

Now the research shows that rap music is the blame for teen pregnancies, psychologists are saying that after a three-year study they came to the conclusion, that rap music has affected the attitude of boys and girls to sex. The reports are saying that rap music encourage early sexual behaviour by treating women as objects in rap lyrics. Dr. Martino led this study. He is saying that 'sexually degrading lyrics' caused changes in adolescent sexual behaviour. He is saying that rap music is the cause of all this. Please.... there we go again the youth is blaming the rap music of their sexual behavior. And what about those porn movies, which every teenager can buy at the bookstore or where ever. I think hearing some one say I have been sexually active with two females last night has more effect than seeing some one have sexual intercourse with two women. I do not believe that.


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