Monday, October 1, 2007

I am born in Sri Lanka. I live in Holland since 1990, so I feel a strong connection with the Sri Lankan culture, people, music and not to forget to mention the food. I will not start talking about the food, then I probably will drool over the keyboard.
I love Sri Lanka. I am watching satellite tv called Neth Srilanka , which is broadcasted from Italy. This channel pay attention to the young artists. I recently have seen a interview with a young singer. I think hip hop in Sri Lanka is getting more attention from the mainstream crowd. Hip Hop in Sri Lanka is blended with Indian Bollywood type of music with R&B beats. This way the hip hop artists are trying to get their foot in the door of the music industry in Sri Lanka.

I see lots of creativity in these rappers. I just was checking out Youtube found a rapper called Delon, climbing the billboard charts. He is now on the #36 spot of the Billboard with his single called 'Nasty Girl'. I got to give him my props for getting into the Billboard charts. This means that he got skills. Delon is born and raised in L.A. For the fact his roots are in Sri Lanka, it is obvious Sri Lankans are not only good at eating three times a day rice and singing Biala, but also rocking the mic. Now Sri Lanka is getting international attention, because of the cats like Delon. Delon is nice on the mic. He flows slow and fast. I can hear that he is walking shoulder to shoulder with all the big names in the Game.

Delon is describing the lifestyle of the average Sri Lankan, the day to day struggle. It is all about survival, when there is a enormous political and economical mismanagement going on in Sri Lanka, rappers can rap about it. The harsh realities of life can be hardly bearable for a Asiatic brown skin kid in Sri Lanka. I think it is great that Delon let the world know that average Sri Lankans are struggling. I hope that Sri Lankans in the western countries realize that they got plenty of chances to succeed with anything they do. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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