Saturday, October 27, 2007

This is one of the best rap acts from the west coasts. I think Zion I represent the underground hip hop in very artistic manner. The lyrical content is so uplifting the hip hop fans can do something with it. Zion I is from Oakland, Calfornia. The duo, AMP Live and Zion form the group called Zion I.

This crew brings back memories, when Liks were doiminating the underground hip hop from the west coast. I get the whole vibe back, when I hear Zion I. It is not suprising why this underground hip hop duo is well respected in the hip hop community. The positive lyrics of Zion and Futuristic productions of AMP Live they are a household name in the underground hip hop scene.

In 2000 they released the album 'Mind over matter'
In 2003 Zion I released the album 'Deep water slang'
In 2005 they released the album 'True and living'
In 2006 they released a album exclusive for Japan, which was called 'Break A Dawn'
In 2006 Zion I came out with album in collabration with The Grouch, which is called 'Heroes in the city of dope'


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