Friday, October 5, 2007

Prodigy is recently went to the court for the trail, because of gun possession. Two plainclothes cops searched the Mobb Deeps rapper's car and found a gun. Prodigy has been convicted before for gun possession. He is possibly facing 15 years in jail.
It is looking bad for Prodigy.

Prodigy is a great rapper. He is one of the Queens finest rappers. Mobb Deep put Queens Bridge on the map. It is sad that talented cats such as Prodigy is facing this type of trouble. Me personally want to hear more raps for him and his counterpart Havoc. It is obvious that rappers like Prodigy is not only talking about a certain lifestyle they are living it.

One if my favourite Mobb Deep songs is 'give up your goods'. This beat is so banging. I still pump the album 'Infomous Mobb Deep' this album is a all time classic. I actually hoped that Prodigy and Havoc would drop more of these jewels, instead of getting locked up.


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