Monday, October 15, 2007

Is hip hop has been changed? Yes. I think so because, it is almost 30 years ago that Sugar Hill Gang dropped 'Rappers delight'. A music stream which is started to making the crowd move to the groove has become a music stream with a protestant nature. Mostly the rappers started to relief they frustration on the beats and this was well received by the hip hop crowd. The early hip hop fans could identify them self with those rebelling rappers.

Later on the gangsta rap era made it's entrance at this period I got introduced to rap music. It was the era that gangsta rap was dominating the hip hop scene. I actually grew up with gangsta rap. But I was looking for more depth in hip hop music.
I found rap groups like Public Enemy and Brand Nubian, who were writing social conscious raps and waking up the sleepy heads to fight the power. This way I also got to know more positive rappers like Rakim and Krs-One who were contributing a lot to the hip hop community. They changed the hip hop music. Hip hop changed from dance music to a rebelling art form.

It is obvious that hip hop has been changed. Hip hop music has a lot of sub streams such as christian rap music, hardcore rap, east coast rap, west coast rap there is even a stream called nerdcore rap. Hip hop is one of the most diverse sub culture there is. But the mainstream hip hop music is filled with paradigms. It is becoming more one dimensional. The rappers are copying each other to sell more records and the mainstream hip hop has not much depth. Although mainstream hip hop is getting more commercialized there are a league of underground rappers coming with more original and creative material. They will change the norm of the hip hop music too.


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