Monday, October 29, 2007

Last Saturday I met a young rapper/producer. I was so surprised how well developed this kid's mind state and his production skills are. He is only 15 and already on the move and perform with his crew. I got to give it up to him, because when I was 15 my vision was so blur, that I never thought about rapping. I enjoyed listening to rap music.

This kid has the advantage of the access to the latest software. Becoming a producer became less complex, because of the software. I think it is great that young kids can take advantage of the advanced technology. It is great that young kids get into the hip hop culture and make a fist and drop rhymes and have fun.

Five years from now this 15 years old kid is going to take the hip hop music to a whole new plateau. If he keeps up the good work, he can gain national attention, because he is rapping in Dutch. To reach the hip hop heads outside the borders, he has to rap in English.


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