Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In 1989 Krs-One started the campaign called 'Stop the violence'. There were a bunch of rappers supported him from that era to put a song together called 'Self destruction'. This song contains so much knowledge, it offers guidance to who ever needs it.
This song raise much awareness. With this song Krs-One made a fist against all the black on black crime.

In 2007 there will be a new 'Stop the violence' campaign. 50 Cent, LiL' Wayne, Rick Ross and Cassidy will be part of the up coming 'Stop the violence' campaign. It is great that 'Stop the violence' campaign is going on in 2007. This will make a change for better. Krs-One always been a activist in the hip hop culture. He is one of the pioneers who have influenced the hip hop culture with positivity.

Krs-One said that the violence is increasing and the hip hop community can not afford to stand still. Rick Ross said that it is the time be leaders and not followers, we must stop the violence. We must make a brighter future and make way for truth and greater solutions. Other rappers who have joined Krs-One are Channel Live, Immortal Technique, Doug E Fresh and Lil' Dude. The new 'Stop the violence' is on the way.


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