Monday, October 29, 2007

Brick City's nicest is without a doubt Redman. Wicked lyrics and he remains undisputed, because there are not many rappers to beat him with funky type of lyrics with a funny twist he is kicking. The first Redman song I ever heard was in the early nineties. I heard the rugged slang he was kicking and he represents New Jersey well.

In 1992 he dropped his debut album, which was titled as 'Whut? Thee Album' This is a great album. This album went gold. In the early nineties hip hop was starting to gain world's attention. Rappers like Redman made this happen. Redman's debut album made up to 49Th spot on the Billboard 200. This named him the 'Rap artist of the year' by The Source.

Redman dropped 'Dare iz a darkside' in 1994. After that he came with a album in 1996 which was called 'Muddy Waters'. He is part of the crew Def Squad. He also made a album with Methodman, which was called 'Blackout'. In March of 2007 he released the an album called 'Red gone wild'. In November he will be releasing the album 'Muddy Waters 2'


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